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in that movie theater shooting. mckayla, thank you foring with with us tonight. >> thank you. >> how are you feeling? >> i am feeling really good. i am just thankful that my injury hit where it happened and not anywhere else. it didn't risk any chance of me not playing any sports that i play or continuing to do anything that i do on a regular basis. >> ladies and gentlemen, i think as you look at mckayla you see something below her lip on the right side of her face. why don't you tell the viewers what that is? >> so i was hit from my right side right here where all of the blood is and it knocked out a tooth, messed up some of my gums and ricochetted off the tooth and landed in my jaw and the chunk of the bullet is right here and there were fragments along my lip that they took out when they stitched me occupy. there's a tiny piece in my nose, but other than that, just this combhing is what they were worried about but they are keeping that in there due to the risk of nerve damage if they take it out. >> you are now still healing. the bullet started or went through that entrance area and part
for being with us. greta is next to go on the record. and we'll see you tomorrow night. >> greta: tonight, it is absolutely unbelievable. turns out that guy in the bath tub was just the tip of the iceberg. the gsa caught again. you thought it was bad when they wasted tax money on clowns, mind readers and red wine with a warm bath. at least that was for a four day conference in vegas. now, we find out they blew $270,000 in one day on something else. we guarantee you will not be happy with this one. first, has the atf scandal now gotten bigger? watch this video message to atf worker from their boss, the acting director. what is the message behind it? >> if you make moor choices then if you don't abide by the rules that if you don't respect the chain of command if you don't find the appropriate way to raise your concerns to your leadership there will be consequences because we cannot tolerate, we cannot tolerate an undisciplined organization. >> greta: lawmakers are calling the video message ominous and scary. really meant to chill whistle blowers? darycongressman issa firing ofa letter to f
, the exceptional nation that it is. >> fox news political analyst brit hume joins us. great to see you. >> nice to be here. >> gov. romney didn't go as far to call the president a felon that was suggested by some president staff members. but he does say president obama attacks success. is that fair? >> i think there's a distinct viewpoint between the president and mitt romney, between liberals and conservatives on how central government is to the success of our economy and to the success of our businesses. i think he was making a perfectly understandable point over the weekend that the government plays a role, that government creates an infrastructures, roads and bridges and legal rights, and copyrights and so on. but then he took it a stepfather when he said, look, if off got a business, you didn't build that, someone else made that happen. now he might not have meant to go quite that far but i think it suggests a view that he holds that government is really sort of the nerve center, the point of inspiration, the key really to our success as a nation and our success as an economy and i think r
are concerned about. and especially when you have a u.s. attorney who helps cover it up and then an attorney general who ultimately won't turn over the facts related to it, of course, you are worried about it. if not for the whistle blowers senator grassley and our investigation would have never gotten started. whistle blowers were critical to us understanding and ultimately knowing what to ask for and in most cases the most meaningful information we never got in justice, we got from whistle blowers. >> greta: atf is denying this was an effort to tell whistle blowers they better shut up. the spokesperson said it addressed topics ranging from trust to mission and morale and this one dealt with choices and consequences but was not meant to discourage legally protected activities and was directed to employees who violate the rules and was not directed at those with protected disclosure. >> when i was a young man if my hand was in the cookie jar and my mom wanted to know i was taking a cookie, i didn't say what cookie jar. it was clear, use your chain of command or else. no question at all about
people -- >> instead of being a true leader. >> a great panel tonight as always. thanks for being with us. that's all the time we have left this evening. greta is next. see you home tonight. >>> tonight rush limbaugh goes on the attack. >> i don't understand how anybody who has ever amounted to anything or wants to cannot be horrified by this man. >> rush limbaugh is talking about president obama but what did president obama do that got rush so fired up, even more fired up than usual? you will hear much, much more from rush limbaugh in a moment. and why are they slamming dick cheney for his trip to capitol hill? some are calling him partisan and confrontation natural. >> when he is no longer in public service but it willing to give up his time to come over here and help and takes a cheap shot like that, just does not make sense to me. >> the committee chair met with the former vice president dick cheney. he's here to tell you what went on behind closed doors. but first gov. romney is striking back and hitting hard. blasting president obama for making this now infamous comment. >> if you'v
despite telling us that she doesn't want the job. is she a real possibility? former candidate fred thompson joins us. it's quite a choice. is it a rumor? >> i am always giddy on the rumor side when it come is to washington. >> greta: it's not unrealistic she may be on the roster. >> no question about it. she is an outstanding person, everybody knows that. one person's opinion doesn't make any sense. from romney's side, doesn't make any sense from her side. i don't think romney wants to spend the next few months talking about the bush administration policies with regard to iron or north korea or anything else that takes the focus off of him. i don't think she wants to get down in the mud in the political arena. she said time and time again, she policy person. this campaign is getting dirtier by the minute. i think that she doesn't want to be used to attack barack obama which is vice president's role would be. she would be attacked from the black leadership who determines what is popular for black politicians to do and not do, and she knows all this. i don't think she wants to do or
is responsible to help i get where you are but we have mentors in life, people that helped us along. the one person that gave you the chance. the way it's taken by many that he meant the government. >> that is positive construction on the statements. i think it's simply revealing. he really does believe that all growth starts with government. $800 billion stimulus. it doesn't have didn't buy any infrastructure it paid for government workers. so that is why the $5.3 trillion that he has increased our national debt really has resulted in no economic growth, no long term self-sustaining jobs because it's total lack of understanding about what made america great. what drives the economy. >> greta: do you think he thinks the stimulus is roaring success? >> no, because he doesn't mention it at all. he refuses to run on his record. that is why he is putting the small ball and trying to divide americans. he has no record to run on other than a record of accumulating debt. does he talk did the healthcare law. i know the supreme court handed him the victory. that lab huge defeat for our budget and hea
's comments reflect how unqualified he is to lead us to real economic recovery. ron johnson has been in business for more than 30 years. nice to see you. what is your thoughts about president obama's statements on the campaign trail? >> i think it's pretty revealing kind of like joe plumber moments. it really does point to the fact that president obama believes the center of economic activity is in the government rather than the private sector. it comes to surprise to business owners when they are working 50 hours a week trying to build a business, we recognize that government provides infrastructure but by and large the president doesn't understand the crucial role of entrepreneurial role of leadership. if you think about it. that is the problem with this presidency. he has failed to lead on the problems. he doesn't respect the private sector and doesn't respect businesses. >> greta: he may want a do-over and i'm trying to look at it from different perspectives. i'm wondering, i wonder if he meant there was a great teacher in your life, looking sort of saying government is responsib
so you can use less gel. log on now to and you could pay as little as ten dollars a month for androgel 1.62%. what are you waiting for? this is big news. >> there is >> private sector is the only thing that can lift us out of this slow growth... trough that we have been in now for some 40 straight months. >> greta: our economy needs a big kike start. but how do we do it? boosting business has become a critical issue on the campaign trail, sparking a firestorm special a new line of attacks. >> if you were successful, somebody along the line gave you some help. there was a great teacher somewhere in your life. somebody helped to create this unbelievable american system that we have that allowed you to thrive. somebody invested in roads and bridges. if you have a business, you didn't build that -- somebody else made that happen. >> the idea to say that steve jobs didn't build apple, that henry ford didn't build ford motor, that papa john -- john didn't build papa john pizza, that ray crock didn't build mcdonald's. bill gates didn't build microsoft. that joe and his co
the pain that the larger folks do. we are not an advertising model. companies pay us to distribute their content. so it's a little bit different. >> greta: jason, what do you pay attention to? >> we are fortunate that we are not a boom or a bust business, being food retailing. we are sheltered at some level. but we are most affected by the commodity prices. we look at spending. and if it is want dproaing and inflation's hitting, we know that we are going to have competition. it's managing commodities and income levels. >> greta: >> greta: i imagine you are like the regular person, you pay attention to gasoline prices because have you to move the trucks around? >> we do home delivery, so gas affects t. but on the back end, the supply chain, we are pulling products, most food comes from california. you can pay as much in gas as you pay for the product. transportation's a huge cost in the supply chain. >> greta: are you able to pass the costs on? or do you absorb them? >> there is a limit. so when gas spikes, there is only so much you can push because there is an oversupply of food re
>> hope so. thank you both. appreciate it. as always, thank you for being with us. let not your heart be troubled. dana is sitting in for greta tonight to go on the record. dana, take it away. >> tonight one-on-one with mitt romney, greta heads to israel for a sit down with the republican presidential candidate >> i think we have to execute all of the political, economic and diplomatic measures that are possible for the world to put pressure on iran, to have them understand what it means to be crippled economically, diplomatically by virtue of their nuclear ambitions. but at the same time we recognize that if down the road these sanctions are in effective that we have other options and it's unacceptable to america and for the world tore iran to become to nuclear nation. >> i'm greta. mitt romney spends the weekend in israel talking tough on iran and trying to get his foreign policy presidentials. how did he do? here's a wonderful personal friend and advise for for george w. bush, dick morris. thanks are for being here. >> you her his comments and from your experience in the diff
can we bankrupt this country using other people's mony? taxpayers' hard-earned money and borrowed dollars from china to give to solyndra that goes under and that considered a success. this fella could be a character in george orwel's book, 1984. i would be embarrassed to death. fiwere the president, i would try to find a way to apologize for such a ridiculous comment. >> greta: you know, i am wonder figure he wants a do-over or we have an incomplete thought or something. you look at the numbers. bound solar, $400 million. beacon power, bankrupt. $43 million. solyndra, bankrupt. $535 and there are other companies that are deeply in trouble f. my wildest dream, i can't reconcile the enormous success of that program. i figure there must be more to it. he couldn't possibly mean that? >> no, i think he does mean that, that he believes that the failure is a success because that is, i think, indicative of the thinking of the obama administration. and that is money is no object. but if it were no object, we are going on four years without a federal budget, even. the president could lead t
>> it hides the fact that the economy's getting worse. >> they are going to try to divide us. >> sean: that's all happening. that's all the time we have. greta's next. see you tomorrow night. >> greta: tonight, vice-president condoleezza rice? is that a possibility? washington is buzzing. secretary rice told us he is not interested in the job. but the report tonight that governor mitt romney is narrowing his choices for a runningmate and secretary rice is the surprise frontrunner. former alaska governor sarah palin is here. good evening. >> good evening, greta. how are you? >> greta: i'm very well. the board game begins, where we try to guess. drudge has it as developing. we don't know the source. your thoughts about the possibility that condoleezza rice could top the list? >> i think that condoleezza rice would be a wonderful vice-president. and she certainly has much more experience than our sitting president does today. >> greta: what did the fact that she is, quote, moderately pro-choice? i looked it up to see. i think that governor romney has said he won't pick anyone wh
don't -- you don't attack the u.s. economy this way. you don't damage it this way and have people just sit by and say, oh, okay. we have not become a passive people. we are not a passive country. >> greta: nice to see you. >> good evening. >> greta: what do you make of the fact nathere has been an enormous amount of money campaigning against governor romney on bain capital. and it seems that nothing has happened. they are neck and neck in the presidential tracking poll? >> good news for mitt romney. i think it's good news for the country. i think the negative attacks leveled against governor romney have not been effective. i think that what that tells us is that the american people want the focus to be on jobs and the economy and the personal attacks after bain and governor romney's record... you know, as a -- as a businessman, are not things that the american people are concerned with. they are concerned with what you are going to do to get the economy growing and get people back to work. i think that's an area where the president has come up short. he has not laid out a positive agen
us this system of government. it may not be perfect, but it does work better than anywhere else in the world. the more than people gave us a divided government. republicans control the house. democrats control the senate. democrats control the white house. and it -- so we have a recipe here for being at lotter heads. but i think it's our job, even though we may have some very strong opinions and opposite opinions, our job is still to find common ground and to do our best for the american people. but you can't do the tango by yourself. you have to have a willing partner. i have not had a willing partner. >> greta: a couple of things. leadership-- the three leader, the house, the senate and the white house, they have a tough job. i realize the loggerheads and the divided government. and the second thing, we know it can be done because every time you are pushed up against a deadline that suddenly is burning the midnight oil and a deal is cut, something happens. we don't have that deadline right now. so the business people and the american people are sitting on the sidelines, month
. senator, appreciate you being with us. thank you. >> thank you. >> sean: that's all the time we have left. thank you for being with us. greta's next to "on the record." see you tomorrow night. >> greta: tonight, speaker of the house john boehner tells you his pick for vice-president. but will governor mitt romney take his advice 92 and who is it? speaker boehner goes "on the record." then governor mitt romney hits the road big time england to israel and then to poland. we have a surprise about his trip. and ambassador john bolton and karl rove are both here. but first, speaker of the house, john boehner, the fight over extending the bush-era tax cuts, getting down and dirty. but is it getting anywhere? yesterday, the democratally controlled senate renewed the tax cuts, but only for those making less than $250,000. for everyone else, tax rates go up january 1. now it is the republican-led house's move. we spoke with speaker john boehner earlier today. nice to see you, sir. >> greta, good to be with you. >> greta: senate voted yesterday. what is your plan in the house? >> the house next wee
plastic bags used, if there was plastic tarps used. a lot of times fishing bait, fish, extra clothes are kept in plastic material when you're launching within a skiff, because a skiff does take on water during the day. it's not unusual to see those types of things loaded into skiffs when they are launched. if he did launch in the morningtime, as is theorized at this point, then not a lot of attention would be put on what was in the skiff. >> in my experience, it's much easier as aaron said to put body parts into sat in that courtroo, having listened to scott peterson, talking with the happiest voice to his girlfriend, with his wife at the bottom of the bay, it's no surprise they convicted. >> scott's attorney argues, as bernie medal mentioned, the how, and where was never spelled out. the circumstantial was evidently there. the jury asked for a firsthand look at scott peterson's boat. they not only saw it, but some climbed into the boat after the trial. greta asked one of the jurors why he got in. >> because there were questions about the stability of the boat, that when we listened
, brandon from the aurora sentinel joins us. take me through it. >> what most people were struck by his of various colors, the orange hair, another shade of red on his pants. orange sandals it was a unique scene. once he sat down. he never opened his mouth. he never seemed to acknowledge anything. >> greta: did he seem to look around the courtroom? >> i don't think so. i think he had his eyes on the judge and that was about it. he didn't look at the victims or anything like that. >> greta: what about the victims in the courtroom. who were they if you know and was there reaction? >> there was a handful of families of the deceased. they were surrounded by several victims from around the state. they brought them in from various different agencies. there was one man who i assume was the father of deceased who was staring throughout the entire hearing. i don't think he took his eyes off for a second. no one said anything. >> greta: what about the judge? >> he is the chief judge here. he doesn't have the heaviest of case loads. he has a lot of other duties that oversees the other judges. yet
not to implement the changes. do governors agree? louisiana governor bobby jindal joins us. governor scott of florida told us he won't begin developing these changes. i'm curious, louisiana, your state, do you intend to begin developing these exchanges? if not, why not? >> absolutely not. we declared a year ago we were not going to do the exchanges. we're not expanding our medicaid program. this is a huge mistake for the country, certainly for the state of louisiana. we need to do everything we can to repeal obamacare. greta, let's step back and realize what they're doing. in the middle of the greatest recession since the great depression, the president is creating another entitlement program. we can't afford the ones we got. $1.76 trillion in new spending, over $500 billion in tax increases, over $500 billion in medicare cuts. this is not affordable, it's not sustainable. we used to celebrate when we got people off of government programs. instead this president seems to want to make more and more americans dependent on the government. food stamps have almost grown 70% in the last five yea
this evening. thank a lot for being with us. have a great fourth this week. we toss it to greta van sustern standing by live. greta? >> greta: tonight rush limbaugh makes a shocking admission. >> today i'm scared. i'm a combination of angry and scared. >> greta: why in the world is rush limbaugh scared? he will tell you yourself. plus, an urge warning, do not implement president obama's healthcare law. louisiana governor bobby jindal is here. and new york city the next clip is not a scene from "jersey shore." >> can i stay on topic? are you stupid? >> greta: who did new jersey governor chris christie stupid and what set the governor off? that's minutes away. but first, just in time for july 4th, new fireworks. the supreme court ruling sparking a new debate over obamacare. is the individual mandate a penalty or a tax? >> the american people do not want to go down this path. they do not want the government telling them what kind of insurance policy they have to buy and how much they'll pay for it. if you don't like it, we'll tax you. >> it's a penalty that comes under the tax code for the 1%
people and i don't know if this person fits into that category. >> thanks for being us with. i appreciate it. we have the continuing coverage of the massacre in colorado. it continues right now. >> and this in fact is a fox news alert. tonight we have learned that all fire crews and most police have in fact pulled out from around the suspect's apartment. now the police chief said just the last hour at a press conference they will take up the task of trying to get into the booby trapped apartment sometime tomorrow and for the latest on the developing situation we go to mike tobin and he's outside the suspect's apartment tonight. mike, what is the very latest? >> the very latest is that things are holding steady out here. as the police chief said, they are going to back off from the scene and wait to start dealing with it tomorrow when they come up with a new strategy. the vexing problem is what the police chief described. you see the broken glass out there. what they have described as far as what they have seen in the apartment from one going in and also the cameras of that been put inside
can you tell us about the profile of someone who engages in this type of behavior? >> what i can tell you the fbi and secret service came to the conclusion there's any single profile but the good news is there's sort of four classes of pro trial. anger depressive, a psychopath, which is the bad person you talked about, somebody severely mentally ill with a clean break from reality and then joe like virginia tech would be an example of that and a terrorist is the fourth type. in those four types the people ever remarkably similar. once you understand each of those types you understand all the killers because they behave similarly. we don't know what type this guy is yet. >> we talk about neurosis and psychosis. there are people who don't have empathy or a conscience. >> that's bad. and then you have people who are psychotic and they had a break with reality so they don't see reality and people the way you and i would. so if this guy really thinks he's the jocker, the joker is somebody who is anti-society and he's going to be against society, and we don't know, i mean, it almost sounds
have enormous consequences for our relationship with iran and within the region. and what we used to say is what you would like to do is a void a situation where a president has only two choices, either to accept an iran with a nuclear weapon oroto use military force. so an effort has been made, through all the things gov. romney described, to see if there's an alternative way of resolving this situation. but you know, it's good for the governor to reaffirm this policy. president obama used to say that iran with a nuclear weapon was unacceptable. president obama said the united states would act to prevent that. gov. romney really reiterated and used both of those words on his trip. and i think the important message to the iranian regime is that if it gets down to the point where it's either accept a nuclear weapon or to use military force, they ought to do some serious thinking. because i think two presidents and now a presidential nominee have made it very clear that iran with a nuclear weapon is simply not on. >> last question on this before we move on to the sequestration issue
>> sean: that's all the time we have left. thank you for being -- thank you for being with us. greta's next. see you tomorrow night. >> greta: tonight, rush limbaugh says there's an explosion coming over the president's attacks on mitt romney's business record. >> according to the latest "usa today"/gallup poll, despite the concerted democrat attacks on his business record, romney has a large advantage over obama when it comes to managing the economy. and the political, bain still a positive for romney. this has been a total bomb by obama. this effort to castigate romney on the basis of bain capital. it may be the political question of the summer, says politico, are team obama's attacks on romney's business background working? priorities usa says, yes, other independent polls, gallup, nbc, wall street journal saying, no. reuters says it's working, but nowhere else. gallup's out with a round of data suggesting whatever the marginal impact of the bain insult, romney's businessman brand is more of an aset and in the big picture he is well positioned on the economy more than 2-1.
the u.s. attorney in the southern district of california who is prosecuting the case is entitled to a presumption of good faith until it is suggested or proven otherwise. i don't have any reason to suspect the timing of it. >> so the bottom line, everything about this superceding indictment seems perfectly normal, nothing unusual on his eu9s face, whether timing, who is bringing it, nothing peculiar about it? >> the thing that's most unusual is the timing because the indictment was true billed or delivered last fall and here with diitis eight months later. there's no reason to keep it secret. i have no reason to cross examine or dispute that explanation. maybe i'm biased towards prosecutors, but i'm inclined to give career prosecutors the benefit of the doubt when they're handling their cases. >> the unsealing, would not a reasonable explanation for the unsealing is they're unsuccessful by keeping it a secret and now they have to go public with the reward and that's an effort to get them? it's just a different strategy to try to catch up with the people, the ones who were indicte
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 76 (some duplicates have been removed)